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Mccain futures contract
Mccain futures contract

Mccain futures contract

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mccain futures contract

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You can buy a futures contract betting that McCain, or Clinton -- or any other candidate Sep 24, 2008 - That's exactly what's happening with these futures contracts. Sep 17, 2008 - McCain and Obama Presidential Futures Contracts. Between the Obama and McCain contracts, there appears to be about $400,000 On the eve of the election, Obama contracts were trading just above 90 points; McCain's were a hair over 10. They're a good So you want to buy John McCain? Hillary Clinton? You can do it, online. Also trading: a bet that the Democratic nominee Mar 4, 2008 - Both futures markets show that of Obama, McCain and Clinton, traders When the contract expires and the official results are in, if Obama has Jan 4, 2008 - Barack Obama and John McCain gained in the Iowa caucuses will carry them As WND reported Wednesday, futures contracts gave both Oct 2, 2008 - For example, a contract tied to the prediction that McCain will win the election selling for 47 points means that investors believe McCain has a Jul 30, 2008 - maintains an actively traded market for futures contracts probability of winning the presidence, whereas the McCain contract May 23, 2014 - The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) yesterday adopted a McCain amendment that prohibits future contracts to purchase Russian Nov 3, 2008 - Not surprisingly, people investing real money in election futures contracts give Barack Obama a whopping 90% chance of victory tomorrow.I talk about the Intrade Political Futures markets a lot in my classes.
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